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About 18 months ago, God said he wanted to move on this city Perth, then across Australia and around the globe. He asked us to buy land where we could build an auditorium that would house around 2000 people. He wanted it called “International Centre for Revival.” This was a huge step of faith as we had zip, zero, nada in the bank account to do it!

But in obedience and faith, we went ahead and bought a one-acre piece of land and borrowed the money for it. We then began working with architects and consultants to design the right type of building for it.


God then said to us “Ask my sons and daughters around the globe to partner with you in building this center by selling one of your songs for just .99 cents.” He said this would be a history-making event! And so, if every one of our brothers and sisters reading this right now, would sow just .99 cents into a song we have written, that has never been released, called Unfailing Love, we can begin to build this revival center.

Every person who sows will be invited to the opening of the church, which we are prayerfully believing will be December 2019 AND we are excited to say that our very own Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, will be opening and dedicating the building!

Thank you for your heart in helping build the Kingdom of God.

You can meet Pastor Reg and Pastor Leanne by clicking on the video below and hearing more of our story.

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